COSMIC Cocktails & Events - Winners in Global 100 Awards

COSMIC Cocktails & Events - Winners in Global 100 Awards

The votes have been counted and the verdict is in. The Global 100 Awards have annouced their Winners and we are happy to share that we are one of the Global 100 Winners as "a testament to your exceptional contributions to your industry" for:

Best Mobile Cocktail Bar 2024 - Cosmic Cocktails & Events - Australia 

Votes were received from global readers, in over 163 countries worldwide. 

The Rigorous Selection Process

The Global 100 stands apart due to its comprehensive and unique selection process, ensuring only the most deserving receive this accolade.

  • Assessment Stage: Utilizing a proprietary method, we analyze both domestic and international work, focusing on strategic and complex undertakings to curate a shortlist of firms.
  • Judging Stage: An independent panel of judges reviews this shortlist, considering:
    • The strategic nature and complexity of our work.
    • The scale and efficiency of our operations.
    • Innovations and groundbreaking techniques employed.

This meticulous process underscores the prestige of being a Global 100 awarded firm, highlighting our firm's leadership and excellence in our industry.


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18th Jan 2024 Clint Gurney

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