Walk and Fork Menu


If your looking for something a little more substantial than just Canapes or Finger Food, but you still want your event to be a standing only cocktail affair, then the Walk & Fork Menu is for you. 

Please note the Walk and Fork menu can not be ordered individually. You must select the Canape option and then may add Walk and Fork options as a more substantial inclusion to your event package. 

Each of the dishes will require two hands to eat, but you and your guests will be rewarded for putting their drink down for a few moments while they savour the flavours of these dishes.

Additional menu with photos will be coming soon, but please feel free to ask us about some of the dishes we have created for our customers or if you have your own ideas please ask.

Here are some Ideas:

Thai Beef Salad (gf)

Served in Bamboo Boats with Wooden Forks


Gnocchi with Chorizo

Served in Acrylic Bowls with Clear Forks


Miso Beef Taco with Wasabi Mayo

Served on Glass Platters


Hungarian Style Meatballs with Potato (gf)

Served in Bamboo Boats with Wooden Forks


Mini Beef or Lamb Sliders

Served on Bamboo Trays



Pork Sliders 

Served on Bamboo Trays with a choice of potato chips on side 


pork-sliders-sq.jpg  pork-slider-2-sq.jpgpork-slider-and-potato-chips-sq.jpg


Grilled Half Shell Scallops with Beetroot Salsa

Served on Scallop Shell


Red Curry Beef with Rice



Other options might include:


Chicken or Vegetarian Mee Goreng served in noodle boxes

Seafood Baskets containing - Prawn Cutlet, Salt & Pepper Squid, Fish Fillet and Wedges

Cauliflower & Blue Cheese Macaroni

Soy & Ginger Calamari Salad