Accredited Gold Licence Caterer


What is a Gold Licence Caterer?

The Caterers Gold Licence has established minimum standards for caterers in the areas of hygiene in food preparation, the quality of cooking personnel and management, the existence of appropriate Workers Compensation and Product & Public Liability insurance. All of these are potential problem areas for unsuspecting customers of 'fly-by-night' businesses, and ensure that consumers are supplied with a quality product. 

Many people only use a caterer on average three times in their life, for a wedding, an anniversary or a special birthday, and one incident of food poisoning can spoil what should be a memorable occasion. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what to look for when selecting a caterer.

A Gold Licence Caterer Must Have The Following: 

1) Commercial Kitchen 

A legal requirement for preparation, adequate refrigeration for food storage, appropriate facilities for transportation of food and the handling of food on sale.

2) Up-to-date and Relevant Insurances 

The caterer must provide protection of consumers by taking out public & product liability and worker compensation insurances.

3) Training and/or experience 

Gold Licence Caterers must have or employ a senior person who have five years experience within the hospitality industry, in food preparation or catering management, along with relevant qualifications, a Safe Food Handling Certificate and Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate (RSA).

4) Foodsafe (WA only) 

Food Handler Training Programme where all staff have at least basic food handler training; and FoodSafe practices are maintained to the satisfaction of the Environmental Health Officer. 

There are 12 steps to FoodSafe®:

A Coordinator is appointed by the proprietor to implement FoodSafe®training, practices and auditing.


✔ Coordinator trains first using video and workbook package.

✔ All other staff train using video and workbook package. 


✔ Monitor and record temperature of cool-rooms and bain-marie.

✔ Record what you do with food that has been recalled or returned.

✔ Monitor and record pest control activities.

✔ Develop and use a cleaning schedule.

✔ Monitor and record condition of food premises.

✔ Record if a food handler is sick at work. 


✔ In-house hygiene audit confirms food handling is to standard and practices are in place.

EHO hygiene audit confirms food handling and practices are to FoodSafe® standard.

✔ ' trained' certificate and sticker awarded to business. FoodSafe®

✔ Ongoing hygiene audits by business and FoodSafe® auditor confirms standards are maintained.

The Accreditation Process An independent Accreditation Board has been established in each state to undertake the approval of Gold Licence Caterers. The Board consists of representatives from governing industry bodies such as Restaurant & Catering and State Accreditation Sub-Committee.

When choosing your caterer, make sure you ask if they are Gold Licence Accredited.