Cosmic Cocktails & Events Win Global Hospitality Award

Cosmic Cocktails & Events Win Global Hospitality Award

Cosmic Cocktails & Events is proud to be recognised for our efforts during 2020. When we submitted our application to be judged we were optimistic and felt we had stepped up during the pandemic to help other businesses and fellow hospitality workers.

Global Hospitality Awards 2020

LUXlife proudly presented the return of the 5th annual Hospitality Awards. Over recent years the hospitality industry has grown significantly, and this combined with increasing customer expectations has presented many new challenges for firms across the industry.

2020 was a significantly tough year for the hospitality industry. No event has impacted the Hospitality industry like the Corona-Virus, which has had a significant effect on all businesses and individuals from all across the globe. The LUXlife Awards aimed to support and reward those key individuals who have gone above and beyond for their customers and clients, even in such unprecedented times.

At LUXlife Magazine they recognised and felt that many firms whose work is vital to the industry were not being sufficiently rewarded and recognised. To rectify this, they created the Hospitality Awards which are designed to reward and recognise the firms and the individuals behind them that have worked tirelessly over the past 12 months to achieve industry leading success, client satisfaction and market growth.

These awards are committed to recognising everyone across the hospitality space, and therefore they do not consider either geography or size. From hospitality management to public relations, tour operators, caterers, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, marketing services, events and recruitment, every area of this industry will be recognised this year. This will allow us to provide our readers with a true representation of the very best that this industry, which is crucial for the well-being of clients around the world.

29th Jan 2021 Luxlife Magazine

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