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  • Perfect for you 80's themed party our retro arcade games machine brings joy to kids big and small.
  • Big clear display and 2 player mode on most of the 60 games, including classics like Donkey Kong, Pacman, Galaga, 1942, 1943, Frogga and more.


Hire a compact stylish design Cocktail Arcade Table/Machine with 60 games all in one fun pack machine!

Cosmic Cocktails & Events 60 in 1 Cocktail Barrel Arcade Table offers a timeless design. Using up very little floor space(coffee table replacement size) in you home, games room, waiting area, garage or even the infamous Man Cave!

Our machines offer hours of endless head to head or solo gaming fun in a great looking piece with unique graphics, perfect for any style of party or event.

You too can relive Arcade history!

Our amazing Cocktail Arcade Machine has the following great features:

Strong 12mm thick cabinet

No Assemble – Just plug in & play

60 games in one machine! Great games like: Pacman, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Frogger etc!!!

19” LCD screen which the games flip to each player, great visibility for each player and spectators

6mm thick toughen glass table top, no problems putting your drink down while you play

Cool arcade graphic table top surround, doubles as a table when not in use

Coin operated -perfect for fund raisers or set to free play for parties and corporate events

Chrome edging details

Sanwa Joysticks and light-up buttons, just like the originals

Everything is easily accessible

Dimension: 97(H)x 69(W)x 73(D) cm perfect size for all events, with the easy walk up and play, no additional seating required.

Here is the full list of games available:

1 Ms Pac-Man 16 1942 31 Arkanoid 46 Dig Dug 2
2 Galaga 17 Lady Bug 32 Qix 47 Amidar
3 Frogger 18 Burger Time 33 Juno Frist 48 Zaxxon
4 Donkey Kong 19 Mappy 34 Xevious 49 Pooyan
5 Donkey Knog Junior 20 Centipede 35 Mr. Do’s Castle 50 Pleiads
6 Donkey Kong 3 21 Millipede 36 Moon Cresta 51 Gun Smoke
7 Galaxian 22 JR Pac-Man 37 Pinball Action 52 The End
8 Dig Dug 23 Pengo 38 Scramble 53 1943 Kai
9 Crush Roller 24 Phoenix 39 Super Pac-Man 54 Congo Bongo
10 Mr. Do 25 Time Pilot 40 Bomb Jack 55 Jumping Jack
11 Space Invaders 26 Super Cobra 41 Shao-Lin’s Road 56 Ms Pac-Man(2)
12 Pac-Man 27 Hustler 42 King & Balloon 57 Galaga(2)
13 Galaga 3 28 Space Panic 43 1943 58 Pac-Man(2)
14 Gyruss 29 Super Breakout 44 Van-Van Car 59 Jr Pac-Man(2)
15 Tank Battalion 30 New Rally X 45 Pac-Man Plus 60 Pac-Man Plus(2)
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